Empower Rehab Online Courses

Empower Rehab have 2 online courses available to complement our Workshop series. The Communication course has 2.5 CPD points and the Explaining pain course has 3 CPD accreditation points.



  • Do you ever finish a conversation feeling frustrated?
  • How do you communicate to someone who isn’t listening, is being difficult or doesn’t get it?
  • Do you have conversations you avoid? Want to avoid the tennis match conversation?

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Learn new and effective techniques to improve your communication in difficult situations using practical methods. Role plays will be used to demonstrate strategies in a range of contexts, allowing you to observe and feel the difference when strategies are used.
These modules are designed to be completed with the flexibility of time and place, in small and manageable sections. They include videos to guide you with how to implement these strategies, as well as assessments to ensure this learning is active. A certificate is provided at the end of each module outlining the relevant Continuing Professional Development time involved.


Explaining Pain

  • Why does pain persist in some but not others following an injury?
  • How do you identify who is likely to develop chronic pain and what can you do about it?
  • How can chronic pain be effectively treated with a rehabilitation approach?
  • How do you explain this to your client?

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Learn what happens to the pain system following injury, why some are more likely to develop chronic pain, how to treat ongoing pain effectively using a biopsychosocial approach and how to explain this to a client using an easy to understand approach.

Discover some common myths about pain and learn about some of the strange features that can occur with chronic pain.