Chronic pelvic pain

Chronic pelvic pain:

  • can significantly impact your life and ability to engage in many activities
  • can impact intimate and sexual relationships
  • can be difficult to talk about and get effective treatment

Pelvic pain is complex and always influenced by physical, psychological and social factors.

Empower Pain Management  provide a comprehensive assessment to determine the different factors that influence your pain and the impact on your function. A treatment plan is then developed that, with your consent, may involve liaison with other treaters to help achieve the best outcome for you. Our psychologists work closely with other physiotherapy clinics and sex therapists who specialise in the treatment of pelvic pain.

Some people benefit from practical strategies that help reduce their pain and improve their function. Others want to deal with issues that have occurred in their past as part of their treatment.

The assessment and treatment process is collaborative and the different options and recommendations will be discussed with you to help determine the most appropriate approach.