Empower Pain Management

Pain management is the most effective treatment approach for many people with ongoing pain impacting on their ability to perform their routine activities. Most people with pain have seen a variety of health professionals for treatment, only to be disappointed with how pain still affects their lives.

We are experts in helping you to effectively manage a range of complex and chronic pain conditions including more common conditions relating to back, neck and arm or leg pain but also other pain conditions such as pelvic pain, eye and facial pain and complex regional pain syndrome.

Ongoing pain can impact on your life in many ways, including how you sleep, your relationship with loved ones, your happiness, and your hopes for the future. This is in addition to the impact of pain on your ability to enjoy your leisure activities, perform work to your full capacity, and ensure you can maintain your home as you would like.

Empower Pain Management at Empower Rehab provides a unique approach to assist with your recovery by ensuring you are provided with your own rehabilitation plan that addresses the range of factors that are affecting your recovery. We do this with an integrated approach provided under the one roof  by providing a combination of physiotherapy, psychology and medical treatment with clinicians who are experts in the management of complex or chronic pain.

The first step in your recovery is attending a combined physiotherapy and psychology assessment where you tell your story once. This also allows us to develop a more comprehensive treatment plan. We can explain why your recovery is not as you would like and how your rehabilitation plan will help you get better and set goals for your to achieve over a 6 week time frame.

Empower Pain Management treatment options may include weekly reviews with your team to  learn and practice a range of strategies to effectively manage your pain. Others may benefit from a more intensive group based program twice a week for a more supervised rehabilitation program. We discuss the options with you to determine the most effective treatment plan.


We can help you address the challenges of performing every day activities.

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