Network Pain Management Program

Network pain management programs may be appropriate for people who have:

• an accepted TAC or WorkCover claim

• persistent pain and musculoskeletal injuries

• tried a range of other medical and allied health services, and

• difficulties functioning at home, work or in the community due to their pain.

Empower Pain Management is recognised as one of only 6 providers in Victoria to offer these pain management programs.

The pain management assessment is conducted by a pain medicine specialist, physiotherapist and psychologist, who are experts in dealing with complex and chronic pain conditions.  You will need a referral letter from your GP to Empower Rehab  specifying your injuries and the anticipated goals and outcomes of the program. We will follow up funding approval in order to proceed with the assessment. We then arrange a case conference to discuss treatment recommendations, ensuring you are at the centre of any treatment planning.

Contact us on 03 9459 3344 or by email to discuss how a pain management program may help you or to arrange an assessment.